Since when does a Democrat need to ‘demand’ airtime on networks?

File this under…YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING.

The Daily Caller headline“Schumer, Pelosi Demand ‘Equal Airtime’ To Trump After TV Networks Opt To Air Trump’s Address”


Since when does a Democrat have to force their media masters to give them airtime?

Truth be told, the media is probably demanding Schumer and Pelosi show up.

Think about it…what politician wants to argue AGAINST border security…in the face of rampant drug smuggling, sex trafficking, crime, terrorist efforts, and health concerns?

FakeNews tries to portray Schumer and Pelosi as eager to rebut President Trump’s address, but we’re inclined to believe CNN’s using a cattle prod on them to show up.

He’s outsmarted them again…forcing a televised national narrative.

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