Mueller’s odd persecution of Corsi raises more questions than answers

American Thinker contributor Moseley raises some interesting points today in his article¬† “Jerome Corsi Challenges Robert Mueller”¬†and the inevitable court battle looming.

Corsi says he’s being hounded by Mueller-&-Co to lie about an alleged ‘collusion’ with WikiLeaks founder Assange, based on communications regarding DNC email hacks.

Mueller’s team alleges Corsi had advanced information on that WikiLeaks effort, but the communications they use to establish that claim occurred after multiple news sources had published articles on the WikiLeaks actions, as well as future promised reveals.

Basically, Corsi’s being blamed for advance knowledge of what was already published.

But, more interesting than that contortionist effort by Mueller is the timeline.

First Hillary-email releases by WikiLeaks came in March, 2016. The DNC server ‘hack’ (which was actually proven to be a memory-stick download) occurred on July 5, 2016 and in a bizarre twist, the Democrat Nat’l Committee refused FBI access to the server.

(And, to this date, never has provided access to that server.)

But, there’s another oddity involved here: while every Democrat on planet Earth claims in no uncertain terms that Republicans are involved in the DNC server fiasco, there’s a little known fact that a Bernie Sanders-supporting DNC aide was murdered 5 days later.

5 days after the DNC download, on July 10, 2016, Seth Rich was killed in DC, and his murder, written off as a ‘bungled mugging’, has never been solved. Coincidence?

There’ve been allegations that Rich was the WikiLeaks source. Timing is suggestive.

At the end of the day, it’s odd that Mueller would push Corsi on a WikiLeaks non-issue and beyond bizarre that, in doing so, is willing to keep a cloud over the Democrat Party.

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