Proving the partisan nature of a witch-hunt has never been easier

We don’t know or follow Ben Shapiro close enough to label him a Never-Trump’er but his article for National Review Online today portrays him as that…or very careless.

His summary of the much-awaited Mueller report on Trump-Russia ‘collusion’ treads a narrow path between Trump-haters/-supporters, but loses credibility halfway through.

Dismissing Trump-supporter cries of ‘witch-hunt’ he writes “(Trump lawyer) Giuliani can be forgiven his excesses, given that he’s representing a legal client. The same can’t be said for conservatives who are fully convinced that Mueller is playing dirty pool — that the Trump-Russia investigation has been a sham designed to “get Trump” from the beginning, and that Trump’s circle have been unfairly targeted.”  

Uhhh…Ben…if it isn’t one-sided and a sham where are the Democrat indictments?

Mueller’s instructions were to follow WHATEVER matters arose as a part of his probe, and only an extremely careless journalist or a totally blinded partisan Never/Anti-Trump’er would gloss over the fact there’s overwhelming evidence revealing Trump campaign and transition teams were unlawfully targeted by FBI bogus FISA warrants fueled off Democrat opposition research passed off as legitimate information.

If the Mueller ‘report’ does not fully reveal the chicanery of Democrats, then yeah…

…it’s been a partisan Witch-Hunt. And as well, it’s been a smokescreen, and stalking horse to hide not only campaign malfeasance, but 8 years of wrongdoing (UraniumOne, Clinton Foundation pay-to-play, Hillary Emailgate, Intel-weaponizing, etc) from view.

Most egregiously, it’s been a 23 month effort to overthrow an elected President.

BlueCollar’s conclusion?

Ben Shapiro’s either a very sloppy journalist…or a very deliberate Never-Trump’er.

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