It’s about time – CNN’s Acosta gets banned from WH press briefings

Jim Acosta is a pathetic Democrat-partisan hack who should have had his press pass privileges to the White House briefings revoked a long time ago, for his disrespect.

Finally, after months of mistreating Sarah Sanders, he went hostile on the President, and learned in no uncertain terms his journalistic badgering was coming to an end.

“CNN’s Jim Acosta Denied White House Entry After Trump Presser Dust-Up”

Those who practice incivility shouldn’t try to force THIS President to take it quietly.

Jim Acosta pushed back against a female White House intern who was trying to do her job by taking the microphone from him after being denied further chances to badger.

Video shows he pushed against her. His claims that he did it ‘gently’ may play well with the forgiving Left, but…Jim…we’re talking about respect, decorum, and professionalism.

All lacking, where you’re concerned.

Those who claim the President is retaliating against CNN have no basis in fact, since, to our knowledge, the White House hasn’t banned CNN…just the rude and boorish Acosta.

Send a message, Mr. President We suggest the Acosta ban be made permanent.

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