Remember when bird food was scattered about…and the birds DIDN’T come?

No? (Neither do we.)

Feeding the wild birds ENCOURAGES them to flock to the bird-seed cast about, or the food left carelessly about…ask any beach-goer who’s lost a sandwich to the sea-gulls.

Any species of BEING naturally is attracted to that which provides or offers sustenance, and human beings have demonstrated time and again they’re no exception to that rule.

So, when George Stephanopoulos …rips Trump for ‘unfounded’ claims linking Dems with caravan support… we take exception with his lying effort to exonerate Democrats from the unholy mess that may soon be threatening our Southern border.

When open borders, sanctuary cities (and states), free healthcare, and welfare benefits are offered to those entering the USA illegally, that’s an enticement brew few pass up.

When Democrats block ANY effort to strengthen or enforce immigration…they OWN it.

By that defining example, President Trump’s claim linking Democrats to the caravan are ‘FOUNDED’ claims, and no amount of waffling or misinformation can change that fact.

George Stephanopoulos et alYOU’RE.ALL.LIARS.

(But, then…their lips were moving…right?)

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