FakeNews HYPOCRISY – outrage over a Saudi in Turkey…but none over American deaths in Benghazi?


As FakeNews outrage over what might have happened to a Saudi national in Turkey sucks up all the media oxygen, can’t help wonder over their silence during Benghazi.

We should say ‘during, AND after’ Benghazi.

The disingenuous concern over Jamal Khashoggi isn’t about a Saudi citizen…it’s about trying to make the President look weak, ineffectual, and in the pocket of a Saudi regime.

Now there’s hype and wild speculation over a tape-recording reportedly taken during the Saudi’s ‘torture’ but, with so much media lying…how do we know it’s not FAKED?

Oh…that’s right – we forgot…we’re expected to trust FakeNews.

Our bad.

One thing’s for sure…

…if the media savaged Barack ‘bending-to-the-political-winds’ Obama the way they do President Trump, you can bet he would have done more to help Benghazi Americans at the onset of the violent assault, and very possible could have saved 4 American lives.

Fawning, instead of holding him accountable…

…in that regard, the MEDIA is just as responsible for their deaths.

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