Blame it on Massachusetts…again…

The wheels continue falling off the Obamacare cart.

Blame it on Massachusetts.

That state’s voters elected a Republican senator to fill the seat vacated when the Chappaquidick ‘channel diver’ Ted Kennedy shuffled loose the mortal coil.

The Republican, Scott Brown, ran on a ticket vehemently opposed to Obamacare.

In a show of solidarity, Massachusetts voters felt the same way…and elected Brown.

Faced with the threat of a lost filibuster-proof Senate, the Democrats rushed through a monstrosity of a bill in a straight partisan vote, before Scott Brown could be sworn in.

Problem is, the bill was filled with landmines. These things usually get taken care of when the House and Senate go back into committee and fine-tune the legislation, but doing so would have then forced the ‘refined’ bill back to a Senate vote.

A Senate that, without the Chappaquiddick channel diver, was no longer a filibuster-proof majority. Darn those contrarian Massachusetts voters!

So, what’s a Democrat party to do?

When the Democrat-controlled House was forced to accept the Senate pig-in-a-poke, they effectively short-circuited a system that was supposed to prevent such failures.

The Democrat House passed the Democrat Senate version of the bill (with all its warts) in March 2010…and for that sin, lost the House majority 8 months later.

Blame it on Massachusetts.

So, we’re stuck with Obamacare, a law riddled with problems. Democrats short-circuited the normal legislative process rather than deal honestly with Americans.

They couldn’t win on the battlefield of ideas, so used legislative sleight-of-hand instead.

Now Democrats are stuck trying to explain how an unpopular bill they authored and crammed through with the resultant major flaws ‘just needs some tweaking’.

Spouses are being dropped from coverage. Full-time jobs are being cut to part-time. Retirees, individual self-insurers, and unions are losing their favored plans.

Savor the irony of ‘what could be’…if enough voters finally face the fact that it was the Democrat Party who inflicted a diseased bill on Americans, the tide may turn GOP.

And to think it all started with the death of the Chappaquiddick channel diver, a Senate Democrat for over 47 years. Many thought that seat would be Democrat for eternity.

After all, voters could have elected a loyal Democrat to fill the void. But they didn’t.

Blame it on Massachusetts.

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