Secret Letter? WAIT – Are they using Bruce Ohr as the courier?

“Senate Democrats sending a secret letter about Kavanaugh to FBI”

Who didn’t see that coming?

So a ‘secret’ source – who wants to remain ‘anonymous’, won’t ‘come forward’, and doesn’t want to ‘press the matter further’ – not so secretly comes forward to press the matter further by sending a letter to those masters of discretion…Democrats?

Which…we’re guessing (but, with high confidence in the accuracy of said guess)…is meant to leave everyone believing the worst about a Trump SCOTUS nominee.

When it comes to slime-by-innuendo…no one does it better than DiFi-&-Co..

‘Slime-uendo’…newest term coined by BlueCollar, in describing Democrat tactics.

All we need to close the circle here is to learn that Bruce Ohr delivered the package.

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