Why are they lying about deaths in Puerto Rico? F-L-O-R-I-D-A

For those who wonder why FakeNews media would lie about ‘hurricane-related’ deaths in Puerto Rico, the answer should be pretty obvious to anyone with political interest.

FLORIDA. A large percentage of evacuees moved to the mainland, mostly in Florida, and – as residents of that state – now have a right to vote in Florida elections.

So, make Trump look bad (FEMA), stigmatize (by association) the Republican Party, add in a little drama based on disproportionate ‘deaths’, and you get Democrat votes.

But, there’s a boat-load of bad logic and flawed reasoning that needs unpacking here.

1) ‘3000’ deaths being widely reported are based on computer modeling. 2) That ‘modeling’ used variations in an ESTIMATED before/after population. 3) It’s for a period of 5 months after the hurricane hit. 4) The margin-of-error was +/- 3852 deaths. 5) The death certificates of many were altered from ‘non-related’ to ‘related’…months later.

But, putting all that aside, even if the worst-case death estimate scenario was true, how can an American president be responsible for the rotten infrastructure of a Democrat-controlled island that, provably, contributed greatly to an above-normal death toll?

Look at it this way…

If you live in a house for 50 years without making repairs or renovations to an obviously crumbling roof, you only have yourself to blame when a storm makes it fall in on you.

If anything, Democrats should hang their heads in shame, but typically, when their failures are revealed (and with FakeNews media support)…they blame Republicans.

Pathetic…but it just may get them the vote turnout they need.

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