Dodging sniper-fire (that wasn’t)…Breaking rules (that aren’t)…all in a Democrat day’s work

If it’s good enough for Hillary…it’s good enough for Cory.

Courage under…misfire?

Remember when Hillary claimed to dodge sniper fire…when there wasn’t any?

Now Cory Booker, bombastic blowhard senator from New Jersey, lays claim to the Democrat ‘badge of courage’, saying he’s ‘knowingly violating policy’…that isn’t.

(Hence, the ‘bombastic blowhard’ designation.)

Nothing more pathetic than claiming the courage to do something…that’s ok to do.

(Not to mention the documents in question reveal Kavanaugh’s a…non-racist.)

But believe it or not, Booker referred to that as his ‘Spartacus moment’ which may give followers some idea of just exactly how over-inflated this guy’s ego has become.

Spartacus “…was a former gladiator and an accomplished military leader…” 

In contrast based on his disingenuous deceit, we can only assume Booker’s a ‘summer gladiator and sunshine rebel’ which patriot Thomas Paine decried 240 years ago.

New Jersey must be so proud.

Be that as it may, speculation is New Jersey’s summer gladiator is eyeing 2020.


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