Can ANY American with a pension/IRA/401K mushrooming now…vote against that in Nov?

Seriously – any pension, IRA, or 401k is irrevocably tied to the economy, which just so happens to be booming now, as a result of Trump deregulatory moves and tax cuts.

Why would any American vote against their future retirement plans by going (D) in the November mid-term election? Even a most delusional Democrat heavily invested with stockmarket-affected gains over the last 19 months might consider…consequences.

Our suggestion to the deluded? Voting is a private matter, and no-one will ever know.

Enter the voting booth, vote (R) for the sake of a bright shining future…

…then, shrug shoulders the day after while asking how such a thing could happen.

Or, vote for the proven subpar (D) policies and suffer THOSE consequences.

Vote ‘great economy’ and lie – or vote ‘lousy economy’…and cry.

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