There’s the deep end, and then there’s…Newt Gingrich

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich told a gathered RNC group in Boston that the GOP needs to offer an Obamacare alternative.


First and foremost, a ‘Free-Market Capitalist System’ IS an alternative.

Just ask Rush Limbaugh – he’s been saying this for years.

Equally important, how does anyone with a straight face (let alone a PhD), concede that a wildly unpopular Democrat bill…costing trillions of dollars yet netting no reduction in the total number of uninsured

…riddled with problems, illegalities, unworkable segments, special waivers for unions, delayed mandates for big corporations, exemptions for insurance companies AND the Congressional Democrats who foisted this bill on Americans…

…can actually be a problem for the Republicans to face in townhalls?

Americans spent trillions on the Democrats’ War on Poverty over 50 years…and today’s percentage of Americans living in poverty? The SAME as it was 50 years ago!

Now Democrats want to spend trillions on a healthcare system because millions are uninsured…but the same levels will be uninsured when the dust settles.

And yet, somehow, the former Speaker thinks the GOP has a problem?

With all due respect Newt, if you want a GOP ‘alternative’ of NOT spending trillions, not forcing millions to buy what they don’t want, NOT causing millions to lose the insurance and doctors they were happy with, and NOT denying the poor decent medical care…


…that’s where we were…


Or is the BlueCollar missing something…?

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