Hey, ThugFL…put YOUR money where your protest is

Another NFL season…another ‘take-a-knee’ opportunity.

In several previous posts, we’ve exposed the lie behind their ‘America is racist’ protest, and their lies over excessive police use of force against the black community. (Heather MacDonald says it best…black incarceration rates are based on crime rate, not bigotry.)

So, provably, take-a-knee protesting during the National Anthem disrespects America.

If millionaire thugs REALLY believed what they say, they’d put some skin in the game.

That said, and in keeping with the President’s latest opinion “Trump to NFL Players: ‘Find Another Way to Protest … or Be Suspended Without Pay’” we suggest that those insisting on perpetuating a ‘racist-America, bigoted cops’ lie, at the very least…

…put their money where their protest is. SHOW US you’re willing to sacrifice…

…take a knee when the coach sends you out onto the field. Refuse to play.

Sacrifice your multi-thousand (or multi-million) dollar game-day paycheck.

FACTS have already proven you wrong, so disrespecting America is not something we should have to accept. You don’t believe facts? Make a sacrifice to show you care…

…otherwise, we refuse to honor a false, empty, disrespectful sacrifice.

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