If their cause is ‘just’…why do they need to wear masks?

Antifa, the Real Fascists

There’s only 1 reason to wear a mask…they plan to commit crimes of violence & chaos.

Their funding should be revealed…and the funders should be prosecuted.

Add to this demand, a note – Washington DC has just authorized a demonstration of false-flag group ‘Unite the Right’, who masquerade as alt-Right white supremacists but actually is led by an Obama-supporting/Occupy-Wall-St thug named Jason Kessler.

Their financial backers should be exposed as well. Confidential sources say it’s Soros.

It’s time we stopped this thug mentality from terrorizing our streets. The RICO Act is a very good place to start, by going after the financers and organizers of such chaos.

Lock-em up.

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