Just what LA needs…another divisive primadonna

Lebron James won’t talk to Donald Trump…because Trump’s divisive?

What’s divisive about respecting your Flag, Lebron?

What’s divisive about championing an economy that results in historic lows in minority unemployment, higher take-home pay, and more economic opportunities, Lebron?

What’s divisive about pardoning the first black American heavyweight champ, Lebron?

Sure, James is doing a great thing to get kids educated in Akron Ohio, but does he realize those kids are the victims of decades-long Democrat control? Probably not.

But what can you expect, from just one more primadonna to grace LA’s smogline, who’s more protective over take-a-knee posturing by millionaires…than kids forced to their knees in failing cities – that were run into the ground by DEMOCRATS for 60 years?

You know what’s divisive, Lebron?

What’s divisive is refusing to admit that crime rates drive incarceration – not bigotry.”

It’s refusing to sit down and work with a man who has a great amount of persuasive ideas and the political power to get things done that will help the black community…

…just so you can pander to sports thugs & home-boys pushing ‘American bigotry’ LIES.

Really, the same bigots who elected a black American as president…TWICE?

(And yeah, we know how he spells his name, but in our view, he deserves a small ‘b’.)

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