Ssooo…for Democrats, patriotism is a matter of…layers?

“Accepting help “to get information on an opponent” was an ugly and unpatriotic act.”

So speaks that purveyor of patriotism…Cass Sunstein, sometime Obama aide/advisor.

“During a presidential campaign, accepting help from Russia “to get information on an opponent” is an ugly and unpatriotic act. It casts contempt on the countless people who have put their lives on the line for our republic and the principles for which it stands.”

Lest we forget, Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democrat National Committee paid a law-firm to pay FusionGPS to pay an anti-Trump Brit to buy dirt on Trump…from Russia.

So, by Sunstein logic…‘accepting’ help from Russia to get dirt is ‘unpatriotic’

…but BUYING dirt from Russia, through layers of cutouts, is okay.

We don’t make it up folks…this is from a Democrat’s mouth to your ears.

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