Bluff called…do Democrats really want to vote on an ‘Abolish Immigration Enforcement’ bill?

Breitbart headline promises a Democrat fiasco looms…“Kevin McCarthy: Dems Will Get to Vote to Abolish All Immigration Enforcement Before Midterms”

Democrats posturing for their radical base are pushing an ‘Abolish ICE’ bill.

They probably figured the Republican-held House would not consider it, but in a stroke of pure genius, it seems Republican leaders will bring that bill to a vote, pre-election.


Great news, because “Americans – even Democrat voters — are by a vast majority opposed to abolishing ICE. In the latest Harvard/Harris Poll3-in-4 swing voters said they opposed the Democrats’ plan to end all immigration enforcement across the U.S.”

So, House Democrats have to 1) expose themselves to their base if they fail to vote for it because they fear a voter backlash…or 2) be exposed to a backlash by voting for it.

Looks like some Democrats may even be…unhhh…concerned their bluff was called.

Great quote on this self-inflicted drama from American Thinker’s Thomas Lifson…“The House Democratic Caucus should be ordering clown suits for their group picture.”

(emphasis added…with pleasure)

Can’t wait to see how this plays out.

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