How can Mueller indict anyone for hacking a DNC server that was never turned over to the Feds?

Big deal – Mueller indicts more Russians, this time for hacking a Democrat National Committee server that was NEVER turned over to authorities by the Democrats??

This is an effort to deflect and refocus on Russians, rather than Democrat chicanery.


Democrats refused to give the hacked server to the FBI or any federal authority and hired the firm CrowdStrike to do a ‘forensic analysis’, then gave that info to the FBI.

Got that?

  • Democrats claimed a hack;
  • Democrats refused to let federal authorities investigate the claim;
  • Democrats hired a private firm to perform analysis of the ‘hack’;
  • Mueller relies on non-FBI, non-federal information to issue indictments.

This is beyond insanity.

If for no other reason, Mueller should be fired for violating basic legal protocols.

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