Hoax begets Probe; Probe begets Immunity; Immunity begets…Hoax, Everlasting?

How does a Hoax get exposed, when its fabricated workings are IMMUNE from review?

Gotta hand it to the Evil Genius that created this ‘collusion’ investigation hoax…

…hiding behind the ‘ongoing investigation’ mantra veils the very fraud that initiated it in the first placeenabling the fraudulent nature of this probe to continue unabated.

That is, of course, if the target is faint of heart…but this target is Donald Trump.

We’re now some 17 months into an official special-counsel probe; 24 months into the FBI probe; and almost 31 months since Obama’s lapdog CIA director got the ball rolling.

It’s time to call ‘BS’ on the deep-state chicanery that’s been implemented to keep this President under suspicion of collusion, and Republicans under a┬ápre-election cloud.

If the FBI, CIA, and phalanx of anti-Trump lawyers Mueller has in his camp haven’t been able to come up with (or fabricate) evidence of collusion by now, they never will.

That said…President Trump should invite Mueller, FBI Dir. Wray, and CIA Dir. Haspel to the White House for a formal summation, then redirect efforts to what can be done (and what Obama wouldn’t do): stop foreign government meddling during elections.

Some may believe this ‘collusion’ hoax will go on unabated…but…

…there’s no such thing as immortality – especially as it pertains to witch-hunts.

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