Ssooo…devastated by decades of Democrat rule, re-located Puerto Ricans will see a Florida Democrat as…better?

“Puerto Ricans in Florida play key role in Senate race”

Puerto Rico was devastated by a hurricane that destroyed crumbling infrastructure that can be blamed on the Democrats who ran that island into the ground, for decades.

Many relocated to the mainland, specifically Florida, where a Senate race is unfolding.

Left-wing media speculates re-located Puerto Ricans should maintain Democrat Party loyalty, despite the fact that Party’s incompetence is to blame for the island’s woes.

As the Hill notes “The influx of Puerto Ricans — who can register to vote as soon as they arrive since they’re U.S. citizens — are likely to give Democrats a boost, as they typically favor the party. President Trump is also highly unpopular among Puerto Ricans for his response to the hurricane.” (They broke it…but Trump’s too slow fixing it?)

Yeah, we know…how does a Party that exacerbated restoration efforts get a pass?

Can’t wait to see how that Florida senate race plays out.

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