The brilliance of our Constitution is in bed-rock principles that remain even as society ‘evolves’

With the latest Supreme Court Justice nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, you can expect the typical Left-wing mob tactics to be dialed up to full-blown outrage.

But, don’t buy into their ‘living Constitution’ concept, which implies as society evolves and becomes more complex, somehow our U.S. Constitution must keep pace…

…the brilliance of our Founders ensured it would, establishing bedrock principles within its framework that don’t change just because we text instead of talk now.

Anyone with a command of English language should recognize the Constitution for it’s brilliance in that regard: problem is, some with command of English distort its concepts.

But nowhere in the Founders’ original documents will you find ambiguity.

Every concept and principle in the Declaration and Constitution, including …Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness… remains unaffected by societal complexity..

…what does affect those principles are wayward or misleading interpretations.

For instance, many distort ‘pursuit of happiness’ to mean a guarantee of happiness, but that’s not what our Constitution says…unless you talk to the Social Justice Warriors.

Read the Founders’ documents again…their brilliance is in their timelessness.

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