NY Times validates everything President Trump sees wrong with FakeNews media

With the NY Times whitewashing the Ali Watkins sex-for-leaks affair with a Senate Intelligence Committee staffer, it shows they’ll print all the news that’s fit to…whore…

…and condone similar acts in the future as well.

Their embarrassment isn’t about a wrong being committed…it’s about being exposed.

Julie Kelley sums it up in a great piece at American Greatness:

Even though Baquet admits his reporter flouted the basic ethical standards of journalism as well as the paper’s internal conduct guidelines, she can keep her job. You can cheat, lie, break the company’s rules, embarrass an entire profession and you will still get to work at one of the nation’s top newspapers!”

Considering the vile nature of Leftie FakeNews media, with these and other despicable acts laid out for all to see, it’s easy to see how President Trump can vilify the media…

…with impunity.

An impunity, ironically, that the vilified media actually brings on itself.

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