The top-10 U.S. cities driving people away w-bad policies have 1 political Party leadership in common

The unintended consequences of lousy policy…? Maybe, maybe not…

Investor’s Business Daily editorial:

“San Francisco: Poster-Child For The Failure Of U.S. Cities’ Blue Model “

The editorial spells out the disastrous result of sanctuary-city policies, that may attract the homeless and destitute by the thousands, but by doing so, drive away even more.

And, it’s not just San Francisco.

“A new study of Census data from 2010-2017 by the online publication 24/7 Wall Street and reported by USA Today finds that many other major American cities are losing population to other areas, even faster than San Francisco. But, unlike San Francisco, none of them have a booming Silicon Valley to bail them out as their middle-class residents seek greener pastures elsewhere.”

And here’s the IBD kill-shot takeaway

“We looked at the list and did a bit of research of our own. What we found was that virtually all of the top 10 cities on the list that had a net loss of population to other cities and states have been governed almost exclusively by liberal or far-left Democratic regimes since at least the 1960s. Their problems aren’t accidental. They’re systematic.” (emphasis added)

“For years, these Blue Model politicians have taxed, spent and regulated on the people’s behalf, with poor or even abysmal results. That’s why the massive shift of population is taking place. It also accounts, perhaps, for the surprising rise and success of President Trump.”

Then there’s this: “Judge gives green light to California’s sanctuary laws”

Bottom line? Democrats once again are proven to be their own worst enemy.

Open message to San Francisco…you’re gonna need more porta-potties.

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