Nat’l ‘Felon’ League Philadelphia Eagles disrespect NFL fans, take a knee, by refusing White House visit

The panties-in-a-bunch crowd are whining again, this time over the President canceling  a White House visit of NFL champ Eagles, after the full team decided not to show.

During invitation discussions “…Last Thursday…the team notified the White House that 81 people, including players, coaches, management, and support personnel, would attend the event. On Friday, the Secret Service cleared them for participation.”

“But late Friday, “citing the fact that many players would not be in attendance, the team contacted the White House again, and attempted to reschedule the event,” she said. That conflicted with the travel plans of Mr. Trump” (emphasis added)

FakeNews went into overdrive, condemning the decision to withdraw their invitation.

Sorry, but whining about the President refusing to allow the White House becoming a venue for the National ‘Felon’ League to disrespect the fans and the Nation doesn’t fly.

Washington Times headline Tuesday: “Stand-up team: No Philadelphia Eagles players knelt for national anthem in 2017”

So what?

Agreeing to a White House invitation, then renegging on the terms, falls squarely into the Eagles’ team lap, and no amount of clothes-rending changes that fact.

One group gets paid to play a game…the other to lead a Nation. Priorities, anyone?

The Eagles didn’t kneel in 2017? So whatthey waited – until Friday, June 1, 2018…

…and disrespected the Nation as a result.


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