Enough with the fabricated outrage over a political analyst’s comment

A political analyst discussing how (or if) John McCain’s position on an issue┬áis┬árelevant in the near- and long-term is hardly cause to manufacture outrage, though media tries.

The senator, reportedly losing his fight against cancer, was on the record as opposing the CIA director nomination of Gina Haspel. As an analyst, Kelly Sadler had to put the issue in perspective, which (evidently) she did…cue media feigned outrage.

Sorry folks, this is just another nothing-burger being used to slime the White House. If you weren’t in the meeting, assigning malign intent isn’t reporting…it’s mind-reading.

Only FakeNews media could pretend to know the comment was used as a joke.

(BTW – Gina Haspel was confirmed today, and will make a great director.)

We invite CNN to analyze our motives in that comment.

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