…if foreign gov’t meddling is the new ok-to-spy norm, EVERY Democrat campaign can be spied on now…

Let the ‘new norm’ campaign spy-games begin.

Think of it, folks.

If ‘foreign meddling’ is now (in the Left’s mind) a legitimate justification for mounting a spy effort on an opposition campaign – even when there’s NO evidence or proof that the opposition campaign is ‘colluding’ – then what happens when there was proof?

It was the DEMOCRATS who were caught ‘colluding’ with foreign agents in 2016, using the FusionGPS group to hire a Brit with Russian sources to create their fake dossier.

So, if Left-wing news is OK with flimsy, unproven allegations…then real proof indicates the Democrat Party can legitimately be spied on from now on…to keep them honest.

Works for us.

Mr. President – the New York Times et al have just given you a green light.

Fire up that NSA/FBI/CIA apparatus. Let the games begin.

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