Despite ‘Trump campaign spy’ rhetoric…our bet is they were just useful idiots

Many on the Right are hyperventilating over the speculation that there was a deepstate FBI ‘spy’ embedded in Trump’s campaign – we’re betting it was a ‘useful idiot’.

BlueCollar believes fringe campaign aides Carter Page and Papadopoulos were being used as unwitting dupes to justify obtaining FISA warrants to surveille Donald Trump.

Speculation over UK-based Stefan Halper seems to support our theory, and it should be only a matter of time before we learn the basis for those FISA warrant applications.

According to reports Halper’s a  U.S. citizen with useful British intelligence contacts, but dramatic, eye-opening claims of ‘spies’ in Mr. Trump’s campaign seems unlikely…

…especially since unwitting-but-useful dupes like Papadopolous and Page existed.

Claims of ‘spies’ sell newspapers and boost TV viewership, but aren’t realistic.

After all, why would such senior deepstate operatives chance potential exposure by an embed-lackey, when fringe aides eager to appear in-the-know served the purpose?

Anti-Trump senior counter-intelligence leadership in the CIA and FBI didn’t need a spy; they just needed a reason for their FISA surveillance applications…

…and useful idiots fulfilled that need.

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