Was Trump aide Carter Page the ‘secret inside informant’ for the FBI?

Seems Justice Dept obstruction and redaction of documents are meant to obscure and keep the name of the FBI’s embedded informant secret…which begs the question…

…was Carter Page (a long-time FBI informant) embedded in the Trump campaign as a Trojan Horse…to justify FISA applications allowing surveillance of the Trump team?

Some may say it was to watch for collusion, but it smells like he served the FBI as a great ‘justification’ for FISA applications though they knew full well he worked for them.

Got that? If it turns out to be Carter Page, did Obama’s FBI toadie Comey embed him in the Trump campaign as their boy…then use his Russia background for FISA apps?

And, we don’t mean to imply Mr. Page knew he was being used then…but could just be a convenient excuse the DOJ’s using now…to obscure some Obama-era chicanery.


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