Unethical exposure of conservative radio/TV personality exposes another Leftie judge…but then, what’s new?

Another day, another liberal judge with no respect for the law or ethics exposed.

There was no reason to order Trump lawyer Cohen to publicly disclose ‘client #3’, and it could have been done discreetly before a grand jury without causing embarrassment…

…but then, that’s why they did it – ‘cuz that’s what Liberals do.

A George Soros judge (she officiated his wedding) was happy to breach legal ethics.

Sean Hannity was not accused of any crime: legal ETHICAL standards would, in  usual cases, preclude unnecessary exposure of private citizens, but the Left has the strategy of maximum exposure and demonizing by innuendo…so, sorry Sean…it is what it is.

“Without providing Hannity any notice and opportunity to be heard on the matter, she directed that his name be disclosed in open court.” (We bet she heard from Soros!)

As Andy McCarthy notes, it was the NY Times/CNN lawyer pushing for public exposure and the Leftie judge Kimba Wood rolled right over Sean Hannity –  forcing the reveal.

No doubt George Soros is smirking, and lurking in the underbrush…wallet in hand.

It’s way past time to bring these slimeballs out of the swamp, and if the Right has to get muddy in the process, so be it…taking the high road WON’T WORK against the Left.

McCarthy says “…failure of the court and the government lawyers to enforce that (ethic) standard just adds fuel to the fiery contention that, where President Trump is involved, investigations are driven by politics, not law enforcement.” (emphasis added)

That goes without saying.

When it comes to Leftie judges a Soros check outweighs legal standards…every time.

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