Who’s ok with a Democrat-created gov’t agency with info on 600 million credit card accounts…that got hacked?

Seems bizarre…so many would give their attention to the way Facebook used personal information THAT WAS GIVEN TO THEM…but ignore a hack of HUGE proportions that ‘STOLE’ private data on 600 million credit card accounts, and other financial data.

Ironically named, a Democrat-created Consumer Financial Protection Bureau collected and stockpiled data from more than 600 million credit card accounts, along with personal data from almost all mortgage loans taken out since 1998, as well as car payments and other financial data. All without anyone’s knowledge or consent.

(Bold and underline emphasis added)

And yet, the Left agonizes over a hoax collusion theory, and Facebook info practices?

Look at what federal agencies (FBI, CIA, NSA, etc) have been doing – to gain political advantage – and then try convincing ANYONE the CFPB data-gathering is no big deal.

As for the CFPB ‘hack’…after what we’ve seen over the last 18 months…

…it wouldn’t surprise us if Democrats turn out to be the hackers.

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