Open Message to House Democrat Adam Schiff – PUT UP…or SHUT UP

Pull quote from Andy McCarthy’s National Review article: “The House Intelligence Committee has concluded that there is “no evidence of collusion, coordination, or conspiracy” between the Trump campaign and the Russian regime.”

But, of course, the Democrat Minority Ranking member, Adam Schiff, sees it differently claiming “…the committee’s Republicans had elevated the interests of protecting the president over protecting the country.” (Translation: he doesn’t agree with GOP findings)

Schiff is notorious as a leaker-extraordinaire…if he wants to claim or IMPLY there may be proof, or evidence that supports his innuendo – why doesn’t he just LEAK IT?

The man’s been leaking non-stop since this House Intel committee investigation began,  so if he doesn’t leak evidence that backs up his cowardly implication…?

Short answer? He’s a tiresome, mewling LIAR.

Everyone in journalism knows this to be fact – when a Democrat con-artist like Schiff doesn’t leak proof that supports their case…it’s because they have NO proof.

ANY Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee that implies they know a different story than the Republican findings should be forced to put up…or shut up…and if they insist on continuing innuendo campaigns, absent evidence to support their claims…

…they should be brought up on ethics charges.

It’s time to stop the campaign of cheap, ad-hominem attacks against a sitting President.

One way, or the other.

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