When Pelosi damned GOP tax cuts as ‘economic armageddon’ did she mean…for HER Party?

Monthly savings due to GOP tax cuts are “Crumbs”? Bonuses were a “Scam”?

Republican tax cuts will be an Economic Armageddon“?

Nancy Pelosi’s nothing if not hysterical, but her claim of ‘Armageddon’ may prove a worthy prediction…if it’s applied against what could happen to DEMOCRATS this Nov.

NOT ONE DEMOCRAT voted for the tax cuts. They damned the cuts, in concert.

And that will hang around their necks more heavily as the mid-terms draw near.

Now American workers are seeing bigger take-home paychecks, bonuses continue to be doled out, and employment is booming as the American economy expands…

…yeah, yeah…rage against THAT machine, Democrats.

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