Have California Democrats exposed themselves to a political revolt?

As the Democrats take up their inevitable racist dog-whistle analogies, a new poll suggests they may have more than a little trouble getting that ‘dog’ to hunt.

Breitbart reports: “Poll: Majority of Hispanic, Black Americans Support Trump’s Legal Immigration-Cutting DACA Deal”

More than 60% of hispanic Americans, 55% of black Americans, and 65% of white Americans support Trump’s stand on the immigration and DACA reform issue…

…which begs the question:

Do the Democrats who attack the President’s plan as ‘racist’ consider the majority of Americans, who support his plan, racist as well?

And, if so, does that mean Republicans have a chance to re-take major political ground in – for instance – California, where sanctuary status defies immigration-polling reality?

Midterm elections may be even more interesting than expected.

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