Latest Mueller indictments expose who the Useful Idiots are in America

The indictments of Russian operatives tampering with the election process and feeding the unrest and hysteria within our Nation show very clearly who their Useful Idiots are

…the FakeNews media.

Sure, Democrats and their Left-wing ideology are involved, but if HONEST journalism existed, it would expose agenda…and Americans would be able to see that effort.

Democrats may be henchmen, but FakeNews media calls the shots, and we lose.

Question is, how long will Americans put up with this complicity?

That said, here’s what the FakeNews media won’t tell you, re, the Russian indictment

  1. Mueller Did Not Indict the Russians for Election Meddling;
  2. The Russians Never Tried to Elect Trump;
  3. The Russian Campaign Began Two Years Before Trump Announced His Presidential Run;
  4. Most of the Russian Spending Occurred AFTER the Election;
  5. The Budget for This Operation Was Laughably Small;
  6. Only $3,200 Was Spent on Advertising in Swing States;
  7. Only 11 Million People Saw the Russian Facebook Ads — Kind Of;
  8. Vast Majority of Russian Ad Buy Did Not Reference the Election;
  9. Other Russian Facebook Content Was Even More Hapless;
  10. After Trump’s Victory, the Russians Organized an Anti-Trump Rally;
  11. CNN and MSNBC Immediately Became Putin’s Patsies;
  12. President Obama Knew the Russians Were Meddling, Thought It Was Funny, Did Nothing;
  13. The Russians Promoted Black Lives Matter, Immigration, and Muslims.

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