The special counsel prosecutors who withheld exculpatory evidence in the Flynn case should be fired, disbarred, & forced to pay him restitution

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas for embattled Michael Flynn…Pres Trump’s national security guy, who was indicted for what may have been improper legal means.

Exculpatory evidence – information that would have proven him innocent – wasn’t made available to his defense team prior to his pleading guilty for a crime that never existed.

Mueller’s team knew they had to provide such exculpatory evidence, but didn’t.

Now Flynn’s reputation and financial affairs are in tatters.

Knowing the way media works, and the extent to which FakeNews went after him to tar Trump by whatever means necessary to delegitimize¬†his Presidency, Flynn’s reputation will never be recovered.¬†If there’s any Justice left in America…at all…

…those prosecutors responsible should pay dearly for their deliberate chicanery.

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