Put the spotlight on deceit – make Congress responsible for ok’ing release of Dem memo that hurts nat’l security

After reading several articles on the advantages and disadvantages of the President’s redacting the memo Democrats deceitfully mined with classified intelligence (so they can falsely scream ‘cover-up’ afterwards), we have revised our opinion on the matter.

President Trump should redact highly sensitive intelligence data from the memo, then send it back to Congress, for them to decide whether to release it…or the original.

The fact that political appointees in the FBI-DOJ hierarchy abused FISA standards by using an opposition research dirt-dossier, without properly noting it was, is irrefutable.

Democrats can only try deflection – either by claiming the source (Steele) was reliable, the subject of the FISA warrant (Page) was disreputable, or attacking GOP Rep Nunes.

Which in no way detracts from the fact the FISA process was deliberately abused by submitting a political opposition research document that failed to note its origins.

And, if the Congress is so politicized they will release an unredacted version of a deceit-memo from Democrats that jeopardizes nat’l security, that’s a whole different animal.

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