Glaring dishonesty of Obama’s Justice Dept in getting FISA warrants justify criminal action vs those involved

So…they trusted dirt-dossier author Steele until they had to fire him for lying…but then trusted him enough to hide his unreliability and firing during the FISA renewal process?

3 times…AFTER Steele was fired?

Andy McCarthy lays it out in a concise, damning style.

“In late October 2016, shortly after the first warrant was issued, the FBI terminated its relationship with Steele because he lied to the Bureau about his contacts with the media. But the Justice Department did not report this to the FISA court. Instead, when the first warrant expired in January 2017, the FBI and Justice Department sought its renewal by, again, relying on the credibility of the guy they’d booted for lying.”

“But that was not the half of it. Steele’s agreement with the FBI was that he would not communicate with the press. He made that agreement and then communicated with the press anyway — which showed he was unreliable, notwithstanding the FBI’s continued insistence to the contrary. He hadn’t just flouted the agreement by speaking to the press, though; he had clearly lied about doing so.” (all emphases added)

Yeah – the FBI and Justice Dept people involved in this fiasco need to be in jail.

But even though it was run by Obama, in a Chicago-thuggish fashion, don’t expect any of this to rub off on the Anointed One, after all…he’s the FIRST BLACK President.

His legacy will be that of the most weaponized gov’t in U.S. history, but he’s The One

…and therefore…untouchable.

A major question still needing an answer? Was the FISA court the 4-time unwitting dupe of a deceitful Dept of Justice and FBI…or a willing co-conspirator to their illegal acts?

Convene a Grand Jury, and let the indictments flow.

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