To date, no one has clarified how an election can be ‘stolen’

There are 2 primary factors in the American election process…

  1. Votes are cast;
  2. Votes are counted.

To date, no one’s described how either one of those factors can be tampered with in a remote fashion outside the USA, by ‘hackers’ or any other type of foreign agents.

(If we’re talking about domestic tampering, Democrats can fill you in on their tactics.)

But, whether foreign or domestic, the only way an election process can be tampered with is by sabotaging 1) the casting of votes, or 2) the counting of cast votes.

It’s been roughly two years since the election-tampering question by foreign agents has been raised, and almost as long that federal probes have dug into possibilities. The fact premier law enforcement agencies haven’t found evidence on Trump speaks volumes.

But, please, by all means let the Mueller probe go on, because it’s been a fountainhead of damning information on the depths of depravity Democrats will seek to win elections.

We demand Rosenstein order Mueller to follow the guidelines he set forth…to ensure a “full and thorough investigation” and include “any matters” that arise from it, discovery that Hillary and Democrats funded a Russian-sourced dossier must be included…

…that is – if we’re willing to follow where the REAL evidence of tampering leads.

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