Democrats willing to jeopardize low-income & minorities job market, & hurt military – for illegal immigrants?

Satisfying the Democrats by caving on immigration will destabilize the job market. Worst hit will be low-income Americans, largely composed of Hispanic and black minorities.

Both demographics have benefited enormously with added jobs over the last year.

Why are Democrats threatening that success? Because they see it as a crucial political issue for their mid-term election year efforts – this was pointed out several days ago.

Proof that Democrats will ONLY use this as a political issue – without ever solving the problem – can be shown, through one empirical fact: they could’ve done it when they had control of Congress for four years between 2007 and 2011, but chose not to do it.

Democrats hold DACA dreamers hostage for political gain, and political gain only.

Now, they threaten to shut down government, over completely unrelated issues, virtually defunding our military while using DACA (the unrelated issue) as a ransom demand.

They say it’s a critical issue…why wasn’t it critical over the 4 years they held Congress?

Disgraceful? Sure…but, what they hell – politically, it’s worked for them before.

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