The ignored story is that comments in closed door private meetings are so casually leaked

Regardless how inartful the President’s comment was about third-world cesspits, the real tragedy is that adults in a meeting don’t have decency to keep private comments…


Mr. Trump spoke the truth – many of the nations sending their immigrants to the USA are not worthy of ‘toilet’ descriptives, and somehow Democrats are okay with that.

With one comment, the President shows once again that:

  • meetings can’t be held in confidence with ANY Democrat;
  • media will gleefully hammer away at negatives, no matter the veracity;
  • Democrats don’t care to enact good immigration policy that benefits America;
  • third-world hellholes exist…some, like Haiti, with Democrat chicanery to blame.

But, sure – let’s hear how Democrats think the world’s dregs can help America.

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