Please explain how America’s priorities must always take a back seat to illegal aliens…& faux language-angst?

President Trump’s point about putting the needs of America first is unambiguous.

Shutting down government by insisting illegal immigrants must take priority is wrong, on many different levels – but Democrats in Congress seem bent on doing just that.

The DACA bill offered for review Thursday was laughable, and the Democrat policy of refusing to use merit-based immigration which favors America’s goals is disgraceful.

Mr. Trump told congressional leaders earlier this week that – to address DACA – they must first address border security, and elimination of chain migration and visa lottery.

Their failure to address those 3 key elements is not the President’s fault. He made it clear what needed to be done to get his signature on such legislation – They Failed.

GOP leadership should draw up necessary language, and let chips fall where they may.

As for the President’s language – if the Left focused as strongly on solutions, as they do on Mr. Trump’s earthy description of world hellholes like Haiti, we’d be in better shape.

Democrats should consider very carefully if they want to dwell on such inanities. We can tell you there are two people who don’t want focus on Haiti – Bill & Hillary…

…because as Haitians have suffered, Clintons raked in millions that never got to them.

While anti-Trump’ers rage over if the President called Haiti a ‘toilet’ or an even more earthy synonym, the real argument is why it’s still a hellhole…okay, let’s have that talk.

We favor ANY opportunity to hold the Clintons and Democrats up to that scrutiny.

(And though we be accused of cynicism, angst over the actual descriptive used is up to debate, since it seems Democrat sources claim it was used, and Republicans deny it.)

Whatever – we suggest media outrage over language has little to do with ‘impropriety’…

…and a lot to do with covering for failed, greedy, ruinous Democrat policies.

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