Buffoonish 9th Circuit over-ruling of Trump’s decision to end unlawful DACA program won’t last

Inevitably, if one wishes to find an anti-Trump federal judge, they go to the 9th Circuit.

Yeah…the 9th Circuit – the one over-ruled more often than all others combined.

This latest ruling, halting President Trump’s decision to end Obama’s unlawful DACA program, is based on – wait for it – the contention that the President’s comments show he’s really for the program but is just using it for a bargaining chip, so it doesn’t count.

(The judge even cites Mr. Trump’s tweets as proof of the bargaining-chip argument.)

Josh Blackman’s scathing NRO article explains how ridiculous this is.

Ironically, the court’s ruling says the President’s acts were “arbitrary, capricious, an abuse of discretion, or not otherwise in accordance with law.”

We say ‘ironically’ because Obama’s enactment of his DACA executive order was the EPITOME of the very nature of wrong-headedness now being levelled against Trump.

Even Obama admitted, prior to enacting DACA, that he could not lawfully do it.

Bank on it – this latest ruling will be over-turned.


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