Agony & Ecstasy over the Trump-lawmakers’ immigration meeting

The definition of a split second is the amount of time that elapses between anything the President does…and the lying that begins by everyone who wants to spin it their way.

President Trump held an immigration meeting with leading members of Congress, and it only took 10 sentences of general feel-good platitudes before he asserted “…any legislation on DACA, we feel — at least a strong part of this group feels — has to accomplish three vital goals.” Then, he expanded on those vital goals…summarized:

  • Border security (building the wall);
  • ending chain migration;
  • ending the immigration-visa lottery.

After expanding on the above-mentioned three vital goals, he said “So those three things are paramount.  These are measures that will make our community safer and more prosperous.  These reforms are supported by the overwhelming majority of Americans.  They’re from every standpoint, from every poll, and they’re being requested by law enforcement officers.”

After a few more comments, he turned it over to the congressmen.

FakeNews takeaway? ‘President Trump loves DACA, willing to screw his base.’

Of course, they would report it that way, since they are desperate to separate him from his base, and even Rush Limbaugh maintains that the one thing that would alienate his base is to backwater on this pre-election campaign promise regarding immigration.

But folks, when in doubt, refer to the President’s predicate “…any legislation on DACA …has to accomplish three vital goals” and “…those three things are paramount…” before trusting the FakeNews/anti-Trump’er groups, and jumping off the deep end.

Read the actual White House transcript, if any doubt remains…

…’cuz the FakeNews media sure as hell won’t report what you see here.

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