Time for the hornets’ nest to poke back

California attorney general Becerra threatens to file a 25th lawsuit, this one over the looming marijuana issue, against the Trump administration. So far, in the last 11 months he’s filed 24 lawsuits over 17 issues near and dear to California Democrats.

We can’t help wondering why the Justice Department doesn’t slap this punk down?

Becerra, as a California congressman in DC, was one of the first Democrat lawmakers who hired the Awan team of Pakistani IT aides, now exposed as the national security disasters they were…with mounting evidence there were thousands of breaches.

The silence on Capitol Hill is an indication of how damaging that situation was, and with the information coming out, those foreign nationals should have never been hired.

We suggest, when federal indictments begin, Becerra be first in line as a recipient.

After all, anyone filing 24 lawsuits a year is very familiar with the legal process.

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