Enlightening those who already know, trying to wake those pretending to sleep

And the question is – what’s more maddening…

…enlightening those who already know, or trying to wake those pretending to sleep?

As Ed Rogers notes in his Washington Post op-ed “The quest for collusion is over as the desperate shriek for impeachment begins”…

…”The Democrats know their faux-outrage over collusion is hollow and spent. Given that Mueller’s investigation hasn’t found the holy grail or produced anything that rises to the level of criminality on the part of Trump, liberals in Congress and in the media are now transitioning to an obstruction of justice story-line.”

They want him impeached for firing Comey…

…but it’s within his constitutional authority to do so.

Or, they want him impeached for pressuring Comey to ease up on Flynn even though Trump knew Flynn lied to the FBI…

…but he didn’t know, the acting attorney general confirmed the White House wasn’t told about how Flynn’s FBI interview went…and Comey says he wasn’t pressured.

(Frustrating to be a Democrat-Leftie nowadays, isn’t it?)

Bottom line, all else fails – they want Trump impeached…because he’s Trump.

Good luck finding a basis for that in the Constitution.

So far, Mueller’s spent $7 million of tax-payer money on a collusion meme the Leftknew was bogus, and they now push to spend more for obstruction – where none occurred.

How long will tax-payers put up with this blatant, unnecessarily costly derangement?

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