(UPDATED) How far down an obstruction rabbit-hole will these idiots go?

Those aflutter over the weekend Trump tweet that he fired Flynn “because he lied to the Vice President and the FBI” are trying to make the obstruction case that, if Trump asked Comey to not prosecute Flynn (knowing he’d lied to the FBI) that’s the smoking gun.


According to a report, the President spoke about this with Comey on Jan 27th, three days after Flynn’s FBI interview. But Andy McCarthy notes the acting attorney general, Yates, declined to tell White House counsel how that interview with Flynn went.

And she’s on record – she testified to that during a Senate subcommittee meeting.

Now, top that off with Comey admitting during congressional testimony that 1) he didn’t feel pressured, and 2) CNN reported “FBI interviewers believed Flynn was cooperative and provided truthful answers” during the interview.” 

Not exactly ‘obstruction’ stuff, people.

What’s most amazing here is how far Democrats and their Left-wing media masters will go down a rabbit hole, trying to make something out of nothing against Republicans…

…yet fail to get even a tad worked up over a proven liar to the FBI and Congress when it comes to Hillary. Impeachment’s in order – but the only provable obstruction to date…

…is none other than a Democrat crime.

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