Told you so…the Democrat ‘path to 2018 and 2020 re-birth’ now exposed

We called it, now Barack Obama confirmed it last week during an overseas trip…

“Obama calls for more women in power as ‘men seem to be having problems’”

The 2018 midterm Democrat push for more women in power will be a highly charged effort, but not without pitfalls…how can they build trust in those who hid predators?

BlueCollar was first to the Finish-Line in November, defining the so-called Democrat sex-abuse implosion as an effort to position women as their political comeback strategy in the 2018 mid-term elections, and the 2020 national elections…but…

…remember, their allegations cover decades of cover-up, with the victims’ assistance.

So even if they try to push an ’empower women’ concept, there was a legion of those Democrat women staying silent during the decades of sexual abuses that transpired.

It wasn’t just Hillary coordinating the ‘bimbo eruption’ takedown of Bill’s accusers – there was a deliberate effort by hundreds of Democrat women in power to cover the sex-predation acts of their political champions, from Ted Kennedy to John Conyers.

Can they offer a squad of ‘bimbo-eruption’ cover-up artists as worthy of power?

Will the American voter understand that distinction?

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