‘Stop defending yourself’…his attackers scream

Dear Democrats…

…spare us the phony outrage over Gold Star Family sanctity. That widow’s being exploited by a political demagogue…with assistance from your media masters.

Yes, a Gold Star family has suffered the ultimate sacrifice, a lost loved one.

Yes, a Gold Star widow can say whatever she wants, no matter how partisan.

And…Yes, a President can defend himself…from cruel political demagogues.

Sure, they can claim a Gold Star family is sacrosanct, even if the family chooses to join forces with a political demagogue clown in her insensitive timing to attack the President.

And sure, they can say a President defending himself is an attack on the widow’s credibility, even if his responses seem to be directed at the cheap-shot demagogue...

…(‘cuz that’s how the Democrat-Left plays their game).

No, they don’t have to give her grief-stricken frame of mind any consideration. No, they don’t have to like someone defending themselves from a cheap shot artist.

For the rest of us – Consider the players, consider the politics, choose your side.

We honor the Gold-Star family, and forgive any partisan rancor the widow may feel at the loss of her loved one. At such a sad time, striking out is totally understandable.

But, we despise the insensitive political clown who played on that Gold Star widow’s grief, in order to gain cheap partisan points…to become (her words) a ‘rock star’.

And we see the President’s response directed at the clown, not the Gold Star widow.

But, we ask the Left: how low will you go…in achieving rock-star status?

Every tweet the President made defending his comments to the Gold Star widow were in response to the political clown exploiting that widow’s grief to get in her cheap shots.

So, when it comes to disrespecting the Gold Star families, we know the culprits.

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