Maxine Waters is a blight on Congress…a disgraceful demagogue…and a LIAR

Harassing HUD Secretary Ben Carson today, Maxine Waters accused the President of saying that ‘Puerto Rico needs to be abandoned and shamed for their financial plight’.

Of course, that’s not what the President said, but truthful facts like that won’t stop a race-baiting, Trump-hating, demagogue like Maxine Waters from spewing vicious bile.

What he actually tweeted was 1)¬†“Puerto Rico survived the Hurricanes, now a financial crisis looms largely of their own making.” says Sharyl Attkisson. A total lack of…..

2) …accountability say the Governor. Electric and all infrastructure was disaster before hurricanes. Congress to decide how much to spend….

3) …We cannot keep FEMA, the Military & the First Responders, who have been amazing (under the most difficult circumstances) in P.R. forever!”

Puerto Rico got the (Democrat) government it voted for, which played fast-&-loose with tax-payer money (surprise, surprise), allowed infrastructure to crumble while doing so, and drove the island into a massive debt crisis…that’s all he was saying.

It IS the responsibility of Congress to legislate appropriations, not President Trump.

Democrats, once again, create a crisis…then condemn Republicans when it’s time to clean up the mess. Maxine Waters personifies this disgraceful Party. Shame on her.

Any news organization that enables her to get away with this is disgraceful as well.

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