NFL has cast Trump as Mr. America… & take-a-knee’ers as anti-American

Talk about tone-deaf…between the FakeNews media and the NFL, the President’s been cast in the role of Mr. America, and take-a-knee players are the Anti-America.

Rush summed it up todaythe media’s no longer allowed to own the narrative.

Yep. There’s a new Narrative-in-Chief in town…and his name’s Donald Trump.

Revealing yet another aspect to the ‘Art of the Deal‘, he sent out a few Tweets setting down a marker with the NFL et al and declaring very publicly that when it comes to our National Anthem, he owns the Narrative: you will respect America and its flag.

And, as Rush Limbaugh explained, the stage on which the players chose to make their stand is not theirs – the field is their workplace, but the owners OWN the stage. And as we all know, when at work, alienating the boss’s customers should result in a pink slip.

We’re not sure what’s more surreal, the President’s marketing genius…or FakeNews media, the NFL owners’, and the NFL players’ absolute marketing stupidity?

(Regardless, they’re gonna need a different playbook.)

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